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Thunder Force

Thunder Force 

Thunder Force In the month of March, 1983, Earth was subjected to cosmic rays, which gave sociopaths powers that were superfluous, which led to an increase in supervillains called Miscreants. Without a single person to stop Miscreants the normal population is often left to live in fear of being attacked by them. When a miscreant kills one of her geneticist parents while they are on their return home from work, Emily Stanton becomes determined to find a way to stop Miscreants.

Emily gave up a lot of her social life to research possible ways to fight back against Miscreants as of 1985. Despite being victimized, Lydia Berman is her only friend and stands up for Emily. Lydia supports Emily in her goal to provide superpowers to ordinary people. However, she makes sure that Emily doesn’t overwork. When Lydia convinces Emily to have a nap for half an hour while studying in 1993, she unintentionally causes Emily to fall asleep and be late to an AP exam, straining their relationship, causing them to drift from one another.

Emily and Lydia are separated in 2024 when they are separated. Lydia is a successful scientist and researcher, while Emily turns into a longshoreman. Lydia invites Emily to their high school reunion in order to reconnect with her. When she isn’t able to attend the evening of the reunion Lydia decides Emily isn’t comfortable going to parties on her own and goes to pick her up. Emily tells her that while she would like to go to the reunion, she’d not remembered when the reunion was held and also had a task she needed to finish that night, which Emily is eager to present to Lydia. Lydia is mistakenly injecting Lydia using the serum Emily had been working on.

After being injected with the serum Lydia is taught by Emily that the serum was developed to give normal people superhuman strength and that she will require specific training and treatments to ensure that the serum does not kill her. Emily is also a part of Lydia in the treatment, but it is less painful as Emily took the serum in a pill form to take the other superpower concocted, invisibility. During the thirty-three day treatment and training, Lydia and Emily grow closer. Lydia finds out that Emily was a mother to Tracy in the years following the graduation ceremony of their high school. However, Tracy couldn’t handle the responsibility , and she leaves Emily and Lydia.

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